Business and Residential Services

DirectLink provides fixed wireless broadband service that breaks the landline barrier with proven wireless digital radio frequency technology. No longer will your data have to go through slow landline routing procedures to get to the Internet. With DirectLink your information is instantly transmitted straight from your home or office to our high speed Internet backbone. Our Internet service is fast, reliable, secure, and affordable. No more waiting for phone companies, cable companies, and other services to come to you. DirectLink is bringing wireless high speed Internet to Denver and surrounding communities.

  • Voicemail
  • Caller ID
  • Call Waiting
  • Fast, Reliable
  • Always Connected
  • Hi-Speed
  • Scaleable Bandwidth
  • Multi Carrier Network
  • No Contract

Recent News

New Coverage Strasburg, Broomfield, Littleton
DirectLink has recently improved our coverage
areas in Strasburg, Broomfield, Watkins and Littleton

Centennial and Inverness coverage improves
DirectLink improves our coverage in the city
of Centennial and the Inverness areas.

City of Golden
DirectLink expands its coverage area in the
city of Golden.